Some of My Favorite Soft and Bold Pinks for Dark Skin

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pink lip color on dark skin

I soooo meant to put this post up while I was in the Caribbean but then you know how it is—island vibes just feel so right so I was totally into just liming (Trini speak for hanging out) so I brought you my kinda daily diaries…lol. But yeah, I did one on my fave nude lip colors because although I brought you a ton of colors in both of my 50 Shades of Lipstick series, I also showcased colors just so you’d see how a certain color looked and those weren’t all necessarily my faves. And then after the shade my mom gave me for my nude lip colors (lol), I thought it would be nice to let you know which colors were my personal faves—you know—in case you care about what I like…lol.

Sleek MakeUP Fandango Purple, a matte magenta that looks so much like MAC Flat Out Fabulous (goes on like a gloss and dries matte)

milani-uptown-mauve-lipstick-on-dark-skin (1)
Milani Uptown Mauve, a cream with shine magenta pink

MAC Pink Pigeon, a matte bright bubble gum pink

MAC Style Curve, a creamy with shine magenta pink {I think this might be LE but you know how they bring back shades—let’s hope this is one they revive}

MAC Flat Out Fabulous, a retro matte magenta pink

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Zen Rose, a very creamy slightly opaque with shine (like a cross between an opaque gloss and a satin lipstick) bright cool pink—some of the brightness is toned down because of the texture

MAC Quick Sizzle, a matte bright cool pink {I think this also might be LE, but again, MAC sure loves to revive colors—alternately you can Google “MAC Quick Sizzle dupe” to find comparison shades—I’m not that great at that stuff unless I see a blatant dupe like how Milani Sangria looks like MAC Rebel or how Sleek MakeUP Fandango Purple looks exactly like MAC Flat Out Fabulous. Ok, it’s not so much that I’m not great at spotting dupes—I just focus more on helping you guys find your best shades for your complexion than I do for dupes if that makes sense. And then believe it or not—even with all this lipstick I own, there’s still a lot of shades I don’t have. OK…WHY am I rambling? smh}

MAC All Fired Up, a retro matte deep rosy pink that can sometimes look a bit on the pinky red side

Bite Beauty Shiraz, a very creamy mauve pink

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Tint in Envy, a super comfy rosy pink matte

Also—please note that these are SOME of my favorite pinks. This doesn’t mean I’m saying because you don’t see a pink shade here that it isn’t a good fit for dark skin—these are also ones I already have pics of me in so I wouldn’t have to retake a bunch of pics—you gotta work smarter not harder, hon-nay! Also I’m only including dark skin here because I have dark skin—these pink shades also work on a variety of skin tones—but you can also check out my Your Best Makeup Colors series to find makeup shades that work on a wider range of skin tones. And you can still holla at a play if you have questions (do people still say holla at a playa?).

Oh—the makeup in all of these pics in the series is exactly the same—if you want to see what my MUA friend Mila Thomas used on me, check out this post.

Shop the lip colors in the widget below:

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5 Responses to Some of My Favorite Soft and Bold Pinks for Dark Skin

  1. shaunicalyn says:

    beautiful colours
    love a pink lips, us dark skin women should embrace colour and stop feeling shy to wear such bold colours
    lovely post, you look stunning

  2. really love those pink hippies actually i rock some of them like all fired up, fandango purple and flat out fabulous my ultimate faves!!

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