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The Style and Beauty Doctor is a well-respected authority on beauty and fashion serving the internet style community for nearly ten years. Yup, The Style and Beauty Doctor has been around before blogs were considered cool, evolving throughout the many phases of blogs and social media, and has single-handedly helped connect millions of readers with amazing beauty products and clothing. She’s like a beauty and style matchmaker of sorts.

The Style and Beauty Doctor caters to a mostly millennial woman audience who is obsessed with beauty and fashion across the United States with an international following in countries like the UK, Canada, and France. Many of these women are those that aren’t traditionally marketed to by mainstream brands. Many of these women are scouring the internet looking for how makeup products will look on a deeper skin tone or how to treat skincare issues common to women of color. Do a Google search for “makeup swatches on dark skin” and on both website listings and in Google images, you’ll see The Style and Beauty Doctor heavily. The Style and Beauty Doctor is the haven for women with deeper skin tones who are obsessed with makeup.

But it doesn’t just stop there—The Style and Beauty Doctor is also well-known for amazing skincare advice, fashion, shopping, and honest product reviews. Many The Style and Beauty Doctor readers have been long-time loyal readers since the beginning. Readers spend hours combing through the site’s archives for style information that caters specifically to them.

This sounds amazing, right? It is! I’m proud of the community I’ve built and the hard work that went into cultivating such an important brand. Over 100,000 unique visitors come to the site each month looking for the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty.


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Work with Me!


The Style and Beauty Doctor has worked with many brands including Covergirl, Cover FX, Walgreens, Hanes, Burlington, Sally Beauty Supply, Beautyblender, No7, Bergdorf Goodman, AccuWeather, Motions Hair, a host of international tourism boards, and more. She’s appeared in magazines such as ESSENCE, Ebony, People StyleWatch, contributed to Cosmo for Latinas, and has appeared on daytime television as a style expert.

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This is an amazing way to introduce my audience to your brand and is best done through a series of blog posts depending on your end goal. Here I’ll create content that will include professional, high-quality imagery and talk about your brand, your products and/or services in my own words. Sponsored blog posts are also accompanied by social media amplification (1 post on Instagram, 1 post on Twitter, 1 post on Facebook). The details can be tailored based on your brand’s needs.

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This is also another amazing way to introduce my audience to your brand especially if your product or service is very visual. I produce high-quality HD video content that can be posted to my Youtube channel and blog. This also is accompanied by social media amplification (1 post on Instagram, 1 post on Twitter, 1 post on Facebook). The details can be tailored based on your brand’s needs.

In-Store Events:
Is your brand or service best served with an in-store event? I’m a bundle of joy to be around and have an amazing personality for in-store events especially with my previous client services background. I’ve hosted events for brands such as Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, TJ Maxx, NARS, The Makeup Show, Motions Hair, and many more in New York City, Atlanta, and New Orleans.


mac dark foundations
As you can imagine with over ten years experience in the beauty and fashion worlds, I’ve mastered quite a lot. I also have a BBA in Marketing from Hofstra University and a Certificate in Image Consulting from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Through years of hands-on experience working in the beauty world, I also consult with brands on how to market especially to women of color. Sadly even in this day and age so many brands aren’t conveying the right message to this powerful market which spends so much in the beauty world and is growing weary of brands not catering to her.

I’ve swatched hundreds of foundations, lipsticks, etc., I’ve helped color-match hundreds of women over the internet, and I know what women of color love about makeup, what they hate, and what they want to see more of.

I offer consulting in areas of:
Video Production
Product Photography
Social Media Planning
Influencer Outreach and Identification

Ready to work together? Let’s chat! Please send an email to to discuss.

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