And…I’m Out! Dusseldorf Carnival, Here I Come!

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Folks, yours truly is heading to carnival!!!! No, not Trinidad again (although that would have been amazing to get away from winter weather), but I’m heading to Düsseldorf, Germany for Dusseldorf Carnival with airberlin! The season began November 14th and ends on Ash Wednesday with some really fun parades. I cannot wait! I get to wear a costume—but not like the costumes you see when one plays mas in a place like Trinidad—more like Halloween costumes…lol.

I packed early (I’ll show you what I packed when I get back) and packed SUPER LIGHT because during my downtime I want to walk over to the H&M near my hotel and browse like three times…lol. Don’t think I’m crazy because there’s like—I don’t know—a hundred million H&Ms in NYC—but I feel like Europe gets some futuristic stuff we won’t get…lol. I got a ton of cool stuff when I shopped at an H&M in Poland so I’m feeling like I’ll see some cool stuff. There’s also a Zara nearby and I’m hoping to get some super dope shoes and coats nobody knows about…lol. And of course I’ll check out any local stores I can because I just know I’m about to be popping tags…lmao. Let me stop—I’m not there just for the shopping. There’s tons of culture for me to get into and I seriously cannot wait to indulge.

I have my carry-on bag packed with my in-flight beauty essentials—bought some snacks (I have this fear of going hungry on a flight and not having enough to eat—or if I fall asleep while they serve food—OR if the food is gross :x), I have season 5 of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” downloaded to my laptop (my nephew told me it’s the best season—youngin’ better be right—I think he is though from what I remember…lol), I have my music, I have my books (Shopaholic to the Stars and Dark Places) and I’ll have my regular freelance work to do. Meanwhile watch me fall asleep right after take off and I get NONE of that done…lol. The flight is about 7 hours so maybe I can–who knows.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram to check out pics—I’ll be posting under #TSABDinDusseldorf and of course I’ll be blogging about my experience so don’t go far…lol.

Have you ever been to Germany? Where’d you go? What did you do? What did you see? Tell me ALL about it in the comments!

Outfit details:
Coat: Urban Outfitters | Boots: JustFab | Sunglasses: Céline |

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6 Responses to And…I’m Out! Dusseldorf Carnival, Here I Come!

  1. Fancie says:

    That’s a BAD jacket! Love it! Hope you have a safe trip and lots of fun!

  2. Anika says:

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Looking forward to your post and IG pics!

  3. Fenny says:

    I live in Germany and in my opinion Munich is definitely the most beautiful city!!:-) (but that might be because I live there…????????)
    Have gun at the carneval!!

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