Eye Cream: Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

roc eye cream

Here’s the thing with eye cream: you gotta use it before you need it. By the time you NEED an eye cream, it might already be too late for them to make any drastic changes over time. You should obviously still use an eye cream because that part of the skin is very delicate and needs all the moisture it can get—plus many eye creams have great ingredients that can help diminish the look of wrinkles, dark circles, etc. But there’s a certain point where an eye cream can do all it can do and your saving grace is a polite trip to the derm.

But like I said, using an eye cream regularly is a must. And like I also said, the skin under the eye is really delicate—so much so you need to be VERY careful treating it. Eye creams are—you guessed it—specifically made for the delicate eye area. Some of our favorite moisturizers can be too harsh on the area thus the need for a cream specifically for the eye. Also because the under eye area is so delicate and thin, it’s prone to lines and wrinkles and one of the best defenses is consistently and delicately moisturizing the area.

There’s a right way to apply eye cream as well. Use your weakest finger (typically your ring or your pinky) and VERY lightly tap it into the area making sure you don’t get any in your actual eye because: OUCH. You don’t want to do any excessive rubbing or tugging because like I said like five times already (LOL), the area is VERY delicate so handle it with kid gloves.

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I have two eye creams I’ve been using lately that I love: RoC Multi Correxion 5-in-1 Eye Cream which helps to improve the look of dark circles, puffiness, dryness, dull tone, and wrinkles and RoC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream which is a great anti-aging eye cream for retinol-sensitive skin. My skin isn’t necessarily sensitive to retinol (and this comes in a regular version as well) but I still use it to ease my way into using retinol on my eye area (btw, if you’re like “um, what’s retinol,” they’re a powerful ingredient found in varying degrees of strength in skincare products that help to fight many things like wrinkles, uneven skin texture, dark spots, and in some cases acne. You can get a stronger dosage of retinol if needed from a derm’s prescription).

Another thing to know about the eye area that we already know: concealer is our friend. Eye creams can do but so much (but keep using them—you need that moisture) but for a quick cosmetic change, a good under eye concealer is everything. For most of us something about a shade or two lighter than our skin tone with a warmer or more golden undertone will do the trick in canceling out darkness under the eyes. Take a look through my past concealer posts and reviews to find some recs.

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What are your thoughts on eye cream? Have any faves to share? Tell me in the comments!


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