New DEEPER Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Shades + Review

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

maybelline fit me matte and poreless new darker shades 338 340 355 360

Recently eight new shades were added to the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation rang bringing the range total to 24 shades. I picked up the four shades in the darker end of the spectrum (via Amazon—and they were only about $5.25 each—this SAME foundation in my neighborhood could easily be $8-10).

I’m shade 360 in the original Maybelline Fit Me Foundation but shade 360 in the matte is slightly lighter which can happen with brands that have different foundation formulas. (See which shades I wear in other brands here) Sometimes the water content in one formula can make a shade look darker than the “same” shade in another formula. Sometimes depending on the foundation the difference is negligible and even though it LOOKS lighter, it winds up working out on your skin tone. And then sometimes you have to get a different shade. Shade 360 in the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation definitely applies a bit darker than it appears but it still looked a smidgen off in color. I could make it work better by either doing my typical highlight and contour or by adding in a few drops of the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer to alter the color.

At first when I put it on it was kinda like “WOW this is MATTE,” like it was almost a bit too matte for me so I only lightly set it with powder (Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder). It IS winter (albeit it was about 50 degrees the day I tested it out) so I figured it would look a bit too matte for me because although I have oily skin, it can be a bit on the drier side in NYC winter, but as I wore it longer running errands (in the rain) and my natural oils started doing their thing, it definitely looked less matte—more of a natural finish and had this been a better skin tone match, it would look like I had nothing on at all. It also made my pores look airbrushed—-in a good way…lol. Obviously this will vary on everyone depending on pore size—mine aren’t very visible/apparent. I loved the performance and wear although I could expect to touch-up a few times during the day if I were to wear this in warmer weather. But the performance in 50 degree rainy weather was pretty good—I had some shine but nothing I would really need to touch-up unless I was having my photo taken.

I currently have the worst bout of hyperpigmentation I’ve had in like ten years due to some hormonal acne that kept popping up in the SAME spots (grrrr). So I’d get a pimple, it’d go away and leave a dark spot and then not too long after that I’d get a pimple in the SAME spot followed by another dark spot. No biggie—I’m treating it and once it’s gone I’ll share what I used. I liked that Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless looked like second-skin (if my second skin was matte…lol) yet provided enough coverage to cover my dark spots (although not completely, but good enough) and some natural discoloration in my face.

maybelline fit me matte and poreless 360 mocha

I did find it annoying that this is an open spout type of bottle, but hey, they were $5 each…lol. I could get a separate pump to use if I were to use this as my regular foundation.

There aren’t any shade or undertone descriptions on the Maybelline site, so here are my own:

I’m typically really good at eyeballing foundations, but it took me quite a bunch of eyeballs to get these. Some of these colors look a bit deceiving.

338 Spicy Brown: brown with golden undertones

340 Cappuccino: this is lighter in color than 338—it’s almost the color of coffee when you put maybe put like one and a half teaspoon of cream in it. Undertones lean on the golden side.

355 Coconut: the undertones on this one look almost orange out of the bottle, but as it dried down they looked more pinky.

360 Mocha: this is a deep brown and the undertones on this are on the redder side—this was the easiest to categorize.

P.S. I’d love to give MAC equivalents because I know that helps a lot of people, but there’s a number of reason why I haven’t done them in foundation reviews for a few years now: 1. A lot of brand shades don’t always match up with MAC shades—some brands have more undertones in deeper foundation than MAC offers 2. I have this burning feeling that more people were matched as NW45 than are really NW45…lol. You might actually have better shade options with more brands making foundations for deeper skin.

maybelline fit me matte and poreless 338 340 355 360 swatches on dark skin

maybelline fit me matte and poreless 338 340 swatches dark skin

maybelline fit me matte and poreless 355 coconut 360 mocha

Shade 360 Fit Me vs Fit Me Matte and Poreless

maybelline fit me 360 vs maybelline fit me matte and poreless 360 swatch on dark skin

Bottom line: This is a really great foundation if you have oily skin and love a matte finish. It can make your pores look even more amazing (of course this will vary based on pore size) and it performs well. I tested this in 50 degree weather (I have oily skin) and had some oil breakthrough but nothing crazy—I can see myself probably needing to touch-up a few times during the day when it gets warmer though. It’s also a great value—even if it were $8-9 or even $20—but even more that I got it for $5. You may want to get a foundation pump (check Amazon, beauty supply stores, makeup artist stores, or even the dollar store) to make it easier to dispense and save product from overspilling from the bottle.

Price and where to buy: MSRP $7.99 (but check Amazon) at drugstores nationwide. See for more info and store locations.

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6 Responses to New DEEPER Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Shades + Review

  1. ECfromDC says:

    O…..M….G. FINALLY I don’t have to mix 330 with 355 anymore.
    338 looks a tiny bit redder than 340 which looks just right for :).

  2. Efe says:

    Hi love your review.. But what shade did you use in your picture.. The one with the sweater

  3. Chimwemwe says:

    Hi Danielle,

    Your reviews are so helpful. I am also a Mac NW45 so i feel like you’re helping me to avoid making beauty mistakes. I wanted to know i have an oily T-zone so i wanted to know according to you between maybelline fit me 360 & maybelline 355 which color is best? I use & can easily find 355 in Africa here,Malawi but i can always ask someone to order for me.
    Have you tried the maybelline dream satin liquid & wanted to know which color & your recommendations? Can you compare the two fit me & satin liquid?
    Can you do a review on drug store makeup to do contouring for people who are on a tight budget please?
    If you have done a review on nyx or black radiance corrector & contour set please send me a link? I just bought it so i want to master contouring. I don’t know how to contour & want to know if there’s a quicker way of doing it cause i have a few minutes to wear makeup like about 10-15minutes.
    Between ben nye powder & sacha which is best to wear after your foundation? I am using maybelline 355 at the moment. I am very open to suggestions. I want to look flawless & matte no matter how long i’ve worn my makeup.

    Sorry for asking too many questions but i know you’re

  4. Monique Spiegelhoff says:

    My question is does Maybelline fit me matte powder come in a darker shade than 360? If so where can I purchase this??


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