A Few Things I’d Tell My Younger Self…

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Disclosure: I was asked to participate in this Carefree® campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions, as always, are 100% my own

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This collage is a perfect portrayal of how I feel in my 30s: fearless and carefree

It’s funny how some people dread turning 30. It’s like they feel it’s an end to your youth and carefree days. Like all of a sudden you were cool to the hundredth degree at 29 and then all of a sudden at 30 your stock plummets. I turn 35 on the 26th (yassssss, Virgos!) and I have not had as much fun and confidence in my entire life than I’ve been having in my 30s.

carefree panty liners

One of the best things about being 30 is you start to not care about a lot of things that may have hit the top of your most embarrassing list when you were younger. Like buying feminine hygiene products for example. Younger me was on a mission when it came to quickly buying what I needed and getting out of the store in a flash. Now I’m obviously more aware that the things that happen to a woman’s body are natural, normal, and not to be embarrassed about I mean, I was in Walgreens practically staging a photo shoot of the Carefree® products for this post…lol.

Now there are some things about my 30s I can definitely do without. Like for instance, I’d love to be able to walk around all day, go to bed at night, and not wake up in the morning feeling like my feet stopped working. I’d also like to not be having serious searches for “stylish” orthopedic-like shoes. And it’d be great if my facial hair kinda chilled out a bit. I mean, is it even fair that my eyebrow hairs don’t grow as fast as they used to but my beard game is proper? Nah, yo.

BUT, I’ll take these aches and pains and sensible shoes because this 30+ confidence is A-1. Sometimes I even surprise myself with my grown woman-ness. And what’s even more amazing, it’s only going to get better as I move into my 40s and beyond. I LIVE for the day when I’m like 80 and throwing my dentures at people…lol.

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor st francis prep high school step squad
Me in high school

So here’s some things I’d tell my younger self:
1. Don’t listen to those stupid boys. (I used to get teased about my looks from some neighborhood boys. I actually believed some of the mean things they would say to me and would cry ALL THE TIME.)

2. You’re going to be a fearless adult. (I can see younger me lighting up after hearing this)

3. You DO NOT need all the newest and latest clothes and “things” to be validated. (Man, my bank account would be so much more grown up now if I knew this)

4. Being “cool” in high school typically doesn’t translate after graduation. (A lot of the people I wanted to be “in” with are the people whose Facebook friend requests I now ignore…lol)

5. Follow your gut about that guy. And that other guy. Oh, and that other one, too. (But then again, you learn through your mistakes…lol)

(Check out my Things You Need to Know About Your 20s video here)

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Now it’s your turn to #SpeakFreeWithCarefree:

What are some things you’ve learned growing up? What would you tell your younger self? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Lily says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous and you have a great sense of style! I love seeing other women in their 30s (I’m 35 too!) who are sexy, confident, and fearless! It’s very inspiring!

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