Skincare Basics: Eye Creams & Serums


You guys asked for this video and here I am delivering! Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel. We have an amazing time over there chatting various beauty and style topics AND in the new year I’ll be talking about some adult stuff.

Wait—not THAT kind of adult stuff…lol. I mean adulting. You know—like money, budgeting, home decor, etc. Yes, we’ll still talk about makeup, clothes, shopping, and skincare but I realize that while many of you have been reading this blog from the start nearly ten years ago and are probably around my age, there are also a lot of you who joined in on all the fun recently and might be younger and I feel I have a responsibility to be a little more balanced in my content. You’ll see soon ;)

ANYWAY, check out the video below for some skincare basics! I may make this a series…hmmm—what do you think?

Watch: Skincare Basics: Eye Creams & Serums

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Should I make skincare basics a series? What other topics would you like to see—even if it’s not skincare related? Tell me in the comments!



  1. Ashley H
    December 11, 2016 / 12:26 am

    Please make skincare a series

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