TSABD at Home: Recent Purchases & Additions for My Bedroom

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been on a roll this year with trying to get this apartment together. I’ve come A LONG way but still have a long way to go as well. My bedroom for one did a complete 180. I purged SO MUCH STUFF, got the floors done, painted it in a bright white shade (which is AMAZING both day and night), got new furniture, and added some other decor items to give it what I call a “Scandinavian-Trinidadian” feel…lol.

My bedroom used to serve as both my bedroom and office because I didn’t have the space until my sis moved out. I’m now using her bedroom as my office so I have the space and freedom to literally have a work/life balance. I used to have some really bad habits when it came to keeping things in order so it was a complete HOT mess in my bedroom with all the work stuff that was in there. I get a lot of products shipped to me from brands (which is awesome because I’m able to create content without always coming out of my pocket) but it got overwhelming sometimes because I wasn’t very good at keeping order. I’m SO MUCH better now but I still have to get myself a system when it comes to my office.

But now I’m hyped that I can use my bedroom just for sleeping, lounging, and uh other thangs (*wink*). I didn’t want to have a ton of stuff in there—wanted to take advantage of now having two closets (one in my bedroom and one in my office—I keep my “regular” clothes, suitcases, and other miscellaneous items in my bedroom closet and my “bloggery” clothes and shoes are in my office closet). I still have some work to do in both my bedroom and office, but when I’m done I’ll do a blog update (subscribe to the blog here) and do a video tour on my Youtube channel. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen little sneak peeks through my Insta-stories.

umbra 37 inch mirror

tvilum 3 draw dressers side by side
Dresser (these are two dressers I pushed together and man, was this a pain in the neck but the company has amazing customer service and will re-send you missing or broken pieces if you contact the manufacturer directly)

target Soft Modern Round Side Table
End table

target threshold tray mini mirror
Vanity Tray; Mini Mirror

target tray

hm home sandalwood candle
Candle (I’m obsessed with H&M Home and these candles)

nest diffuser
NEST Fragrances Apricot Tea Reed Diffuser (this was sent to me). Loooove this paired with the Sandalwood candle.

hm home small storage
Small storage (I got this from H&M Home but could kick myself for not getting two because they’re now sold out)

burlington trash can
Garbage can (got this for $4.99 at Burlington—yassss! Also found a cute off-the-shoulder top at Burlington that same day so it was a total win…lol)

threshold Rattan Basket
Basket (using this to toss my pajamas and errand-running clothes in)

walmart palm plant
This is where the Trinidadian comes in with my decor…lol. This was an impulse purchase—$13 at Walmart.

home depot succulents
Watering can; I got these succulents at Home Depot. I still need to re-pot them…lol.

white ceramic planters
Succulent planter pots

My home decor buying cycle is A LOT longer than my clothing and makeup buying cycle. I take more time deciding on a decor piece—even if it’s something I really like—I still take the time to really decide if I need it and if it fits the look I’m going for. Wish I could say the same for how I sometimes buy makeup and clothes though I AM much less impulsive than I used to be…lol.

I practically live on Pinterest for decor inspo—I pin things I’m loving for my own home as well as things I think are cool but aren’t relevant to any current projects I’m doing. I highly suggest if you want to do any kind of redecorating to plan things out there. Decor magazines are also cool, but I’ve been on this digital inspo-only kick (side effect of purging) so I don’t buy mags often though I randomly get some of them in the mail.

An example of my decor inspo
Follow me on Pinterest!

I still need a new bed—I’m looking for something that’s really good for my back and other ailments. I also need to have a few other things done in my bedroom (closet needs to be redone, getting new blinds, shopping for curtains, ceiling needs a few repairs, etc.) and then I’ll be able to do a tour and show you the whole thing. Stay tuned!

Are you into home decor? What are some of your favorite places to shop for home? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Responses to TSABD at Home: Recent Purchases & Additions for My Bedroom

  1. TheVanityVixxen says:

    Love the Vibe. Im also getting my new 3 bedroom together but I don’t want to put any more furniture together! I don’t think I have a choice though because the pieces I want need to be assembled ugggh. I like the style of the dressers and its exactly want I want in my bedroom. I need to hire a handyman though lol.

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks! LMAO @ not wanting to put any more furniture together. I feel you. The company I bought my dressers from (Tvilum) wound up sending me two MORE dressers because I complained about some dents and the color of the drawers (which wound up not mattering because the pieces were for the inside…lol) so I realized I could use the extra dressers for my office for storage for beauty stuff and what not. I put one up pretty easily (I mean, it IS the third dresser like that I put together, so I’m a pro now…lol) but I haven’t been in the mood to put the other one together yet…lol.

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