Making Adult Fashion Decisions

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I can remember clearly the days when I wouldn’t blink an eye on paying over $100 for a pair of trendy shoes. Now? Now I’m worried that if I buy them I won’t be able to retire good…lol. (yes, I said it like that on purpose) Not only that but I don’t have the same body I did when I was in my 20s. No, I don’t mean that like I’m not as small as I was back then (which is also true) but I REALLY mean that my body has pretty much gone to sh*t…lol. There’s a joke Kat Williams tells in his recent Netflix special about a friend of his he saw in like a full body cast. He asked him what happened and his friend was like “Man, I yawned too fast.” IT BE LIKE THAT YO.

So while I’m still very much into the fashions, I have an uh, “interesting” set of needs that I need to accommodate while still looking cool and being “me.” Here’s how I make my adult fashion decisions.

Back in my 20s (well, actually it started when I turned 18 and went to college) I would be blowing money fast and popping tags like it was my job. I’d be snagging up all the trends, whatever designer bags I could afford, and all of the shoes dem. Now I’m WAY more minimalist when it comes to my wardrobe. I learned a long time ago that having too many clothes makes me shop more. I like to see what I have and be able to make a gazillion outfits with my carefully chosen pieces. As a blogger I do buy some clothes that are “bloggery” but I still like to keep that at a minimum. I do closet purges every now and again to make sure I stay on track and it really curbs my spending on clothing.

Next issue—I get hot easily. This is the most annoying thing because some of my favorite fashion pieces are made of fabrics that aren’t very breathable (aka um, don’t stand too close to me in the summer). Being cognizant of buying breathable fabrics like cotton helps. Layering has also helped—especially since it can still be cold most days right now in NYC and I get hot-cold (it’s cold out, but I’m hot and sweaty because I’m moving around).

Next issue—my body ain’t the same. I gained some blizzard/the world is coming to an end weight in 2016/2017 so now I’m in between sizes. Most of the cute stuff I own doesn’t fit and I don’t want to buy a bunch of new clothes only for them to not fit after I get back to my pre-2016 weight. And to be honest, it’s just cheaper to lose weight…lol. I’ve bought a few items that can still work when I’m back at my regular weight. Jeans have been an issue–almost none of the ones I own fit. Lee Jeans sent me a pair of jeggings that really surprised me mostly because teenage me used to think Lee was a corny brand, but 30s me sees how they’ve stepped their fashion game up and now I ordered two more pairs of the jeggings…lol. They fit so well—good, substantial material, stretchy, there’s no zipper and tab to stick into your belly, and it comes in a variety of lengths. I got the L length which hit a little bit below my ankles. They didn’t have any more L lengths when I ordered the additional pairs so I’m hoping the M works for me (I’m 5’9″).

On top of that, I also have back issues and occasional knee issues. Sometimes I need to wear a back brace so then I have to coordinate my outfit with the back brace…lol. This also affects my shoe choices.

If I stand up for too long (like if I’m at a beauty event), I know I’m going to be paying for it later so I tend to wear nicely elevated shoes. I can’t wear any flats—they have to have a good arch and some cushion for them to truly be comfy. I can wear heels, but there’s a time limit on it before it starts affecting my back and knees. I also have to know which activities I’m participating in if I’m wearing heels (if it’s a cute, quick kiki yes, if not, no). Funny enough, if I’m going to wear a heel, it’s likely going to be a high heel.

To disguise some of my old (but young) lady ailments, I like to buy stylish jackets and coats to mix in with my comfy cotton clothes. Accessories are also cool—more often than not you’ll see me wearing my faithful Céline shadow sunglasses. I love the idea of signature style accessories like my Célines, my turbans, and the (faux) fur trapper hat I bought after seeing the one June Ambrose is famous for. Hats are another favorite of mine that can quickly add a level of cool to my looks.

Despite only being able to stand in one place for no more than 7 minutes and worrying that my body has given out for good every morning when I wake up, I do appreciate and love this stage of life. I’m more confident with my looks—even with the extra weight gain. I’m also more established with what’s my style and what’s not—I like flirty hemlines and slits along with low-cut shirts that show off my cute ASOS bras just as much as I love my camo cargo pants and sneakers.

What are your adult fashion decisions? Is there anything you do or don’t do now that you did or didn’t do when you were younger? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Responses to Making Adult Fashion Decisions

  1. Phyllis says:

    Yes, clearly at almost 60, I need for every penny to go to my retirement so I can’t spend a large amount of money on clothes. My body has changed and most of my clothes don’t fit or I feel that styles don’t look cute with my current physique! My feet need attention from a podiatrist every month so that’s a clear no on heels! I feel like it’s almost impossible to look good anymore!! All these over 50 celebrities make it look so easy to be glamorous! I can’t make it happen.

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Phyllis!!!

      Always so good to hear from you :)

      Those celebrities also have teams helping them get together…lol. But I think you can find a few comfy but stylish pieces for your wardrobe
      that you can wear over and over and jazz them up with jackets, coats, and accessories. Nike makes some really cool sneakers that are easy on the feet—they can cost a pretty penny but they last and you can get a pair that goes with a lot of your casual outfits. And a cool haircut and some nice lipstick colors can pull it all together. You can do it!

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