Quick Review: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer (Dark Skin)

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

We’re trucking through a bunch of concealers this week, aren’t we? If you missed any, make sure you hit my concealer archives to see more. Today we’re talking about the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer. The “high coverage stretchable” part is what drew me in. But did it make me stay? Let’s find out…

Official description:

What it is: A high-coverage, matte concealer that easily blends to correct and naturally cover in one step.

What Else You Need to Know: From dark circles, to redness and blemishes, this concealer delivers high-coverage payoff to hide imperfections throughout the whole day. This non-creasing, stretchable concealer is formulated with time-releasing oils to seamlessly glide across the skin for easy blending and a long-wear result.

I’ve been noticing lately with concealers that *some* brands aren’t making many concealers with an orange or red undertone which is great for cancelling out darkness on deeper skin tones which I guess can be attributed to the highlighting trend that’s been going down in beauty lately (hey, I ain’t mad—I also highlight but can we also get some more concealers that work to correct under eye discoloration). I found it difficult to buy Giorgio Armani Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer online because the product images on Sephora’s site are misleading and I couldn’t find any swatches. I ordered and went through shades 11, 12, and 13 (I also got 15 because I wanted to see what the deepest shade looked like). Shade 13 was the closest shade match for me.

I found the formula to be amazing (Armani comes through with the quality) and it performed well with no creasing. I just need a better shade match to cover discoloration under my eyes. I would prefer something closer to my shade with a redder undertone. This shade would be okay if I only wanted to brighten, but that’s not the look I want to go for (I’ll brighten with a lighter concealer with a golden undertone—see what I use here).

If you’re about my complexion and looking for a concealer to brighten and you don’t need much in terms of covering discoloration, shade 13 is your boo. Shade 15 did have a reddish undertone to it, so this could be a nice “correcting” or even a brightening shade for those darker than me. But the shade range can use a prayer and an offering.

(Stay tuned for quick reviews on the other concealers swatched here)

I either forgot to take pictures of the swatches of shades 11 and 12 before I returned them OR they’re lost somewhere on my computer or in one of my many memory cards. Should they turn up, I’ll edit this post.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer Video Demo:

(See the concealer in action in this quick video below. There is no sound so feel free to watch from almost anywhere)

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer (Dark Skin) from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

Price and where to buy: $34 at Sephora and Armani beauty counters (get at least 4% cash back when you use eBates)

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4 Responses to Quick Review: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer (Dark Skin)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great review and thanks for a post that included a swatch and application video.
    I’m curious, it looks like you tried each of the concealers you reviewed on the same day (based on your outfit choice and the use of the same beauty blender to blend it away), did you use the same beauty blender? Wouldn’t some of the product transfer.
    WHat about how well it wore throughout the day.
    Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Once again, thanks for the video and swatches!

    • Danielle says:

      hey! thanks for reading!

      I couldn’t try all of these concealers on the same day…lol. I film the demos on the same day, but each one gets tested on different days. And no product transfer in between—you can use the same beautyblender but use different sides.

      I mentioned wear in the post—“it performed well with no creasing.” These are quick reviews—I’m not going to get wordy in these…lol.

  2. Cheney Rochon says:

    I had to watch twice. The first time was all about Katt Williams….lol

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