TSABD at Home: Bedroom Decor Items I’m OBSESSING Over Right Now

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So I’m in the process of slowly (VERY slowly) redecorating my apartment. The last two weeks I’ve been purging and repurposing things like crazy. I’m slowly trying to transition into the minimalism life, which is hard because I come from living a life of loving many things…lol. But minimalism is the life for me and aspects of it have helped me to reduce my spending on clothes and makeup. I just need to be able to calm down and learn to appreciate things without needing to own them.

That’s one of the biggest challenges for me as I redo this apartment. I see so much stuff I like but I need to really just sit back and mull things over to make sure it really needs to be in here. This is also the apartment I grew up in and there’s some stuff (ok—a lot of stuff…lol) I never got around to replacing because I swore I was going to move many, many times over the years.

But alas, I figured I’d pop in every now and then to share things I’m currently obsessing over. Starting today with bedroom decor.

I purged the mess out of my bedroom. I got rid of a ton of old furniture and will replace them with fewer items that serve tons of function. Since I’ve already been about that less clothes life, my closet has more room to store things like my suitcases, bags, and things I need occasionally like the international plugs and adapters I take with me when I travel. My sister had a super plush mattress in her room when she lived here and she wound up leaving it behind because she bought a bigger bed when she bought her house. I had no problems taking her mattress—it was still relatively new and like I already said, it’s plush AF. I bought a tufted headboard in light gray from Kohl’s (c/o) that I have to still put up. I also need to have my bedroom floors redone and my room needs to be painted BADLY. I want to do a very bright white so that when the natural light comes in, it illuminates the room. My office is painted in a bright white and it looks AMAZING when I open the blinds and let some light come in. I also need to get my floors redone and get new blinds.

Here’s some inspo for what I want my room to look like once I’m done:

I LOOOOVE the round mirror over the dresser, so I already got it c/o of Amazon. Mine is an Umbra 36-Inch Mirror (it says 37-inch on the item description but 36-inch in my order). It’s currently sold out, but here’s a similar one here and here.

I’m also highly contemplating this table, wall clock, and wall shelf. I’m OBSESSED with the Umbra brand.

umbra loop side table
Loop side table

karlsson wall clock
Wall clock also comes in copper

umbra wall shelf
Floating wall shelf

I’m contemplating a ladder like this for both decor as well as function—I can hang my towel or even plan outfits on it. This one in particular has iffy reviews so I’d have to keep looking around.

I definitely want a few small plants for my window sill: an aloe plant and a mini cactus. Jury is still out on whether or not I want real ones or artificial ones. I got some really cool-looking artificial plants for my office from Target—but *maybe* I’ll get real ones for my bedroom. I definitely want a real one for my living room but it’ll be ages before I can even get to the living room.

And that’s the home decor items I’m currently obsessed with!

What sort of decor do you have in your bedroom? Tell me in the comments!

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