Iman’s BB Créme is a HIT!

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

iman bb creme

Let me just start this by saying that I am not a big BB cream fan. The Asian wonder product (they combine the properties of moisturizer, anti-aging treatment, sunscreen, primer, and tinted moisturizer into one) has taken the U.S. by storm in recent years although the ones we get here can be considered “watered-down” versions as they mostly don’t do all of the multitasking that Asian BB creams do. But then the Asian ones generally come in one, MAYBE two shades.

iman bb creme 2

Then one by one, brands have come out with their own BB creams. I’ve tested a few of them (the ones that had any close to my skin tone) and really wasn’t impressed until I got to Sleek MakeUP’s BB cream which I absolutely love. The reason why I don’t particularly love BB creams is because most of them don’t provide enough coverage (and I take care of my skin so I don’t require a lot of coverage, but sheesh, give me SOMETHING, BB cream!!! *shakes fist*) and because they can be so moisturizing, they’re too heavy for my skin.

iman bb creme 3

iman bb creme ingredients

iman bb creme inactive ingredients

iman bb creme directions

But this Iman BB Créme?? I mean, the second I heard Iman was launching a line of BB creams for those of us with deeper complexions (because I mean, calling your BB cream “dark” and it’s Beyoncé‘s complexion in the dead of winter helps no one), I STALKED their press office. I needed to know the absolute second it was available for me to test. I even had the nerve to check-in more than once…lol.

Also it is to be noted that this is a BB Créme not CREAM. Because this IS Iman, you know.

iman bb creme clay med deep, earth medium

iman bb creme clay med deep, earth medium swatches on nw47

Iman’s BB works as moisturizer, SPF, and tinted moisturizer with coverage. It’s also SUPER easy to use—you can apply it with your fingers. I also loved that it gave the type of coverage I like (think of a light foundation). I still needed concealer for the dark spots on my forehead and to brighten my under eye area, but it did a great job of providing coverage overall. The finish on this can be quite dewy so if you have oilier skin like me, set it with powder. But other than that, it’s pretty much love. I think because it is a little rich that it would be a little heavy for me in the summer time, but if you have normal to dry skin, you have no worries.

Also for those of you sensitive to mineral oil, you’ll be happy to know that Iman’s BB Créme contains none of it.

iman bb creme shade range

It comes in 6 shades. And if you were worried about figuring out your shade, fear not, there’s a shade match guide on the Iman website AND an FAQ page. And even easier, if you know your MAC shade, there’s a guide to find your Iman shade, too.

iman bb creme clay med deep, earth medium swatch on mac nw47

My match was Earth Medium—although the charts say it should be Earth Deep, but Earth Medium matched plus I don’t have Earth Deep.

Wearing only Iman BB Créme in Earth Medium

Wearing only Iman BB Créme in Earth Medium

Of course I’d put on more makeup than this (concealer, more powder because sure it looks dewy now, but it’ll be GREASE on my oily skin with a blink of an eye, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, blush, lip color), but wanted to give you somewhat of a sense of what it looks like.

Bottom line: Not everyone needs a BB cream no matter how many times you hear about them, but if you’ve been looking to try one because you like the idea of combining moisturizer and makeup in one easy step AND have not found a match for your olive to deep skin tone, you definitely want to try out Iman’s.

Price and where to buy:

You can find it at and select Walgreens now and in March it will also be at Walmart and Ulta stores.

Note: Because I love the Sleek MakeUP BB Cream and I know a number of you bought it based on my review and would want me to compare the two, here goes. I love them both equally and find them both to perform very well. The only differences would be Iman’s is available stateside while you’d have to order the Sleek MakeUP BB cream and Iman’s has six shades as opposed to the four at Sleek MakeUP. The Sleek MakeUP BB is $11.49 vs $20 for Iman’s. Even with shipping (which seems to be back down to a sliding scale starting around $2) the Sleek MakeUP one is a little cheaper.

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25 Responses to Iman’s BB Créme is a HIT!

  1. New blog post: @ImanCosmetics’ BB Créme is a HIT!:

  2. Iman’s BB Créme is a HIT! by @StyleNBeautyDoc

  3. RT @StyleNBeautyDoc: New blog post: @ImanCosmetics’ BB Créme is a HIT!:

  4. Stacye says:

    Hey Danielle,

    I really like the smashbox bb cream. It has primer, moisture, shine
    Control and acne treatment in their brand. Do you think this Iman
    Brand can compete with that? Just checking cause I’m using
    Bb cream on my cruise and wanted to know if I should purchase
    A new one.

    I also got the make up forever pro finish from reading your review :)

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Stacye!

      I never tried the Smashbox one—the deepest color was too light for me. Sorry I can’t compare the two :/

      Yay! Did you get the Pro Finish yet? If so, how do you like it?

      • Stacye says:

        I wore the Pro-finish today and I had my Prescriptives 16 hour mineral wear under it. I looks amazing. I don’t think I need to wear that all the time under it. I was just experimenting. But I think the pro-finish is a keeper. The finish is flawless ! Thanks for the heads up.

  5. RT @StyleNBeautyDoc: New Blog Post: Iman’s BB Créme is a HIT!

  6. I’m so glad you wrote this review. When I saw your IG post I was like I can’t wait to try it! Like Stacye I love the Smashbox one. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how I like it. Thanks!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Great post, D!

    I havent tried any BB creams yet but I would love to try Iman’s and Smashbox.I was wondering if you think Clay Medium Deep would fit me. -Twitter: Kinkycurlyliebe

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks, Stephanie!

      Clay Medium Deep looks like it could be a good match for you going by the profile pic you have on Twitter :)

      • Stephanie says:

        Thanks for the reply D!

        I keep thinking if I have to purchase both Clay and Earth shades in order to get my shade right Bahh. I’m currently mixing True Match Lumi C6 Sable (perrrrfect for summer when I tan) & Maybelline FIt Me 320 Honey Beige. I’m just ty-yud of mixing, man lol.

  8. RT @StyleNBeautyDoc: New Blog Post: Iman’s BB Créme is a HIT!

  9. RT @StyleNBeautyDoc: New blog post: @ImanCosmetics’ BB Créme is a HIT!:

  10. RT @IMANcosmetics: RT @StyleNBeautyDoc: New blog post: @ImanCosmetics’ BB Créme is a HIT!:

  11. Great post. I’m a fan, too! >>> “@StyleNBeautyDoc: New blog post: @ImanCosmetics’ BB Créme is a HIT!:”

  12. Bonita says:

    ughhhhh I wanna try this too! lol. If you’re earth medium i would def. be earth medium. And i want to try her luxury radiance liquid foundation too *sigh* lol

  13. I am looking forward to trying this! Like what you said about lines calling the color dark but it really isn’t ! Where is BeatFace? LOL!

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  16. Erica says:

    This looks gorgeous on you. You know I need it now right?! lol

  17. I have to give this a try I’ve only tried the Maybelline BB cream so far.

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