TSABD Trend: 4 Accessories to Up Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe Game

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spring wardrobe updates 2 copy

There’s no need to buy a ton of new clothes for the spring/summer season. You can simply upgrade your faithful standbys with some fun new accessories. I used to be of the “let me run to the mall and spend like $500+ on new clothes for the season” school of fashion, but those days are long and gone…lol. I’m over here watching what I’m eating so I can shed the pounds I gained because I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO BUY NEW SPRING CLOTHES…lol. OK—I’ll buy a *few* things, but they will be VERY strategic purchases. But you can make what you have work over and over and OVER again with key accessories. Here are a few to check for this spring/summer.

spring wardrobe updates copy

I’ve instituted a “new in, old out” policy when it comes to buying shoes. I have my shoes stored in my office fashion closet on two shelves and then my over the knee boots are stacked on the closet floor. My “knockabout” shoes (sneakers, snow boots, combat boots, Crocs, etc.) are in my coat closet by the front door so those type of shoes stay in there. My “fashion” shoes in my office closet are at their capacity. So I can only add more shoes in if I get rid of a pair. (As a fashion blogger I’ve also been sent shoes so a good portion of what I have are gifts). But I let myself have a small exception when I bought these cobalt bowed mules. I love these because they can go with so much: a plain tee and jeans, dresses, a suit (a suit for me is waaaay different than a suit for work…lol)—you name it.

asos new look bow mules

Get the shoes here.

betsey johnson floppy straw hat with tassles copy

I’m OBSESSED with hats for any season but in particular in spring and summer because I can keep it pushing without worrying about the humidity or a random thunderstorm from messing up my hair. I got this one courtesy of Amazon, but it doesn’t fit my big head…lol. It was still too cute to not show you guys, so here it is :)

Get the hat here.

straw fedora hat

Now THIS hat fits my head. I almost always buy my hats from the men’s section (well, pretty much because I have to due to being extremely DOME-ly…lol. I mean even without weave I need big hats) and is an XL. I have room in it if I get a weave later done the line so it’s a great size for me.

Get the hat here.

Photo: Nasilele Photography

Another one of my fave hats—it’s from the men’s section at Nordstrom and is also a size XL. #domefordays (here’s a very similar one). I also own and LOVE this one (I have it in camel in a size L)

straw clutch with tassles copy

This bag is also courtesy of Amazon and I had to showcase it because I LOVE a straw bag and DO YOU SEE THAT FRINGE DETAIL?!?! Super cute.

Get the bag here.

DanielleBurlingtonsummer-9 (2)
Photo: Nasilele Photography

Rocking one of my fave straw bags last summer—my sunglasses, top, skirt, bag, and shoes are all from Burlington.

Which spring/summer accessories or clothes are you buying this season? Tell me in the comments!

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