L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks and NEW L’Oreal Pure-Clay Cleansers

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loreal pure clay mailing

One of the many cool things about being a beauty blogger is that you’re constantly on the pulse of what’s new in beauty, sometimes even in advance of it being made known to the public. You’ve seen it in those PR unboxing videos—some of the things we bloggers are sent are pretty cool. But sometimes (for me at least) there’s an influx of product and even though sometimes I really want to, I can’t get to everything. Or sometimes I already have the product.

loreal pure clay mask and pure clay cleanser

Which is the case with a recent package I got from L’Oreal featuring four of the L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks (Clear & Comfort, Detox & Brighten, Exfoliate & Refine Pores, and Purify & Mattify) along with the newest launch: L’Oreal Pure-Clay Cleansers.

I already have three of the Pure-Clay Masks in my beauty closet with the intention of trying them somewhere down the line (I LOVE skincare and love trying products—I just need like three more faces…lol). It’s cool to be able to let you guys know about what’s new and out there—I just can’t always try EVERYTHING, ya know?

loreal pr mailing

So some tea on the L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks…

They’re free of parabens and silicons and is created with three mineral clays sourced from around the world and along with the formula, absorb dirt, impurities, and oils. Those three clays are kaolinite, montmorillonite, and ghassoul.

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Clear & Comfort (this is the newest mask): for stressed, uncomfortable skin. (3 Pure Clays + Seaweed)

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten: for dull, tired skin. (3 Pure Clays + Charcoal)

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Exfoliate & Refine Pores: for rough, clogged skin. (3 Pure Clays + Red Algae)

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Purify & Mattify: for oily, shiny skin (3 Pure Clays + Eucalyptus)

loreal pure clay

These masks have a suggested retail price of $12.99 each. One thing I love to do is double or triple mask. So say my forehead is clogged and acting up but the rest of my skin can use some brightening, I’ll use a mask that speaks to these issue in those different areas of my face. When you multi-mask you use different formulas to address the issues on the different areas of your face. This is basically what you see in the pictures of the packaging on the PR mailing—the model on the lower right is multi-masking.

Adding to the Pure-Clay line, L’Oreal recently launched three new Pure-Clay Cleansers. It’s the brand’s first daily clay-to-mousse cleanser. According to the press release, when activated with water, the clay formula transforms into an airy-mousse. Like the masks, they’re also free of parabens and silicones and contain the three mineral clays mentioned above.

Pure-Clay Cleanser Detox & Brighten (sulfate-free formula): with 3 pure clays + charcoal, the formula helps leave the skin feeling detoxified while brightening dull, tired skin.

Pure-Clay Cleanser Red Algae (soap-free formula) with 3 pure clays + red algae, this formula exfoliates rough, clogged skin.

Pure-Clay Cleanser Eucalyptus (soap-free formula) with 3 pure clays + eucalyptus this formula leaves skin looking purified while it mattifies oily, shiny skin.

SO…here’s some amazing news! I’m giving ONE of you the chance to see how it feels to get blogger mail and I’m sending you this entire package! Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I already have the masks and as much as the cleansers sound amazing, I have to be realistic—I have 50 million cleansers here I need to try.

What’s cool about this package is that you can try the masks all for yourself and have something different for when your skin behaves differently OR you can spread the love and gift one or two to your BFF.

I’ll be announcing how you can win this package on my Instagram so make sure you’re following me so you don’t miss it.

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Video:

(there’s no volume on this so feel free to watch from almost anywhere)

Here’s a quick video showing you what you get if you win.

L'Oreal Pure-Clay Mask from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram so you’ll know how to enter!

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30 Responses to L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks and NEW L’Oreal Pure-Clay Cleansers

  1. Charnay says:

    I have yet to try these masks and I’ve heard so many great things about them. So, I would definitely try the detox and brighten mask first. It’s so great that they’ve added cleansers to the line-up as well! Thanks for a great post and a chance at winning!!

  2. AlexiaJ says:

    I love a good clay mask! If I won I would try the detox and brighten I work so much my skin gets dull and clogged!

  3. Miranda Gonzales says:

    I would love to try the purify and matify mask – my skin stays oily and shiny, especially in Texas where the weather stays warm year round!

  4. CJ Williams says:

    I have seen the advertising for those masks si many times and have wanted to try them. I often wonder how bloggers have enough time ti try out so many products and without your skin misbehaving, lol! I would be excited to win and try the detox and brighten mask and cleanser! @cocoa36heart

  5. Melva says:

    I like skin care products so im excited about these. I have oily acne prone skin so i would love to try a combo of clear and comfort and the mattify and purify.

  6. Janelle A says:

    I’d definitely the purify and mattify products first. As an oily girl, those products sound right up my alley!

  7. Kimberly Chinn says:

    I would start with the detox and brighten mask. I get pimples in the most random places on my face so I need a good cleansing.

  8. Alanna F says:

    I am so excited for the clay mask!

  9. Tamra says:

    Our teenagers and I all like the L’Oréal Pure-Clay Masque. I want to try the cleansers that you mentioned and multi-masking for various needs of the face. Great idea!

  10. Cecelia a hudson says:

    I would do a combination of the mask areas of my my face are dry oily and clogged. Plus im just extra like that.

  11. Melody Brown says:

    Squeeeeeeee! Thx for the chance! I’d try L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Exfoliate & Refine Pores first! I’ve been in the hunt for a long while now for a product to reduce congested pores! Thx for this chance! Squeeeeeeee!! ~mrsbootc on IG~

  12. Ashley says:

    This is such a great giveaway!! I have been obsessed with mask since spending the summer in NYC so I have been mixing charcol and gel masks. If I won I would use the pure-clay cleanser detox an brighten mask with the eucalyptus mask! Fingers crossed for this giveaway!!

  13. Amber H. says:

    I’d try the mattifying and brightening ones because my skin is combination/oily and I also feel like I need some brightening as well.

  14. Kia Peterson says:

    I would love to try the brightening and renewing mask. I feel like my skin is always dull and tired looking. Great opportunity!

  15. Haroon Khan says:

    I would love to try the clear and comfort clay mask. But they all sound interesting!

  16. Luiza says:

    I’d probably try the detox and brightening mask, first, given the raggedy current state of my skin. But all of the masks sound nice! I love clay masks. They are my favorite.

  17. Ashli m says:

    I’d like to try the L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Exfoliate & Refine Pores. I love doing masks and since I workout so much I feel like my skin is always clogged.

  18. Randi Williams says:

    I’d try the L’Oréal pure clay mask clear and comfort first

  19. Nat G says:

    I just saw these and the loreal metallic lippies in target yesterday! Bought the lip product with plans to come back for the eucalyptus based mask later. I love my glamglow, but I’m so excited for these drugstore clay masks!

  20. Notrece P says:

    I would try the charcoal one first, it seems like it may be similar to an origins one i’ve tried.

  21. Lauren says:

    I’d try the detox and brighten mask and cleanser first.

  22. Doris D says:

    If I won I’d try the Detox & Brighten mask first! I have random breakouts that come and go but leave behind some dark spots. I really want to start working on them and brightening my skin. Nothing like relaxing in a mask!

  23. I just bought the eucalyptus mask today, but I want to try the Pure-Clay Cleanser Detox & Brighten next. Love your blog!

  24. Diamond Bell says:

    I would use the detox and brighten mask first! A healthy face is what I want, ice been breaking out lately and would love to try something new.

  25. Mirsada Duli says:

    I haven’t tried these masks yet I have oily skin like you so I would definitely try the L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Purify & Mattify. This oily skin leads to breakouts and if I don’t mask 2-3x a week I start looking a hot mess! Would love to win to try these out ?

  26. Loridana McLeod says:

    The “L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Purify & Mattify” would be the first mask on the hit list. I have combination/oily skin. The only things that need to shine on my face are my teeth, eyeballs and lipgloss!

  27. Jay says:

    I’d try the detox and brighten mask first!

  28. Belinda says:

    The detox & brighten mask would be my first choice…hands down

  29. Ijeoma chimezie says:

    Great post. And amazing blog of course. I’d be curious to see how the Pure-Clay Mask Purify & Mattify product would work on my skin. My skin tends to be a bit more oily in the summertime so matifying products are my best friend for some oil control.

  30. Clarisse says:

    I’d first try the Purify and Matify, cause my oily face needs all the mattifying it can get!

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