Here’s What’s In My Custom MAC Eyeshadow Palettes

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I recently downgraded my makeup routine (see more here and here) and will take a more minimalist approach when it comes to how much I own. Now this doesn’t mean my makeup looks will be more minimalist—I will continue to wear color and full beats (I’m still either a full beat or no makeup whatsoever…lol), but I don’t need to own as much as I have in the past. Find out more about how I reduced my spending on clothes and makeup here.

But in showing you guys my curated makeup stash, a lot of you have been asking which colors are in my MAC eyeshadow palettes. I depotted so many of the shadows and have NO CLUE what they’re called, but I’m going to try my best to identify them in this post.

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I like a custom eyeshadow palette because you can pick out the shades you know will look good on your skin tone and that you’ll actually use. I like the new MAC palette system because you can put so many of the MAC Pro Refill Pans (eyeshadows, blush, etc) in them. Find out more about it here.

(from left to right starting from top) I’m Into It; Plumage; Brown Script; Corduroy; Swiss Chocolate; (I *think* this is Beauty Marked); Chrome Yellow; (I *think* this is All That Glitters); Anastasia Beverly Hills Red Earth (yep, it fits)

(from left to right starting from top) Cork; Soft Brown; Romp; Mulch; Signed, Sealed; Club; Amber Lights; Wedge; Soft Brown (no clue why I have two…lol); Handwritten; Sable; Haux; All That Glitters (dag, that means the other one isn’t All That Glitters…lol); Signed, Sealed (again, no clue why I have two); Rule

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  1. Anna says:

    How do you used chrome yellow??

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