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soul explosion berlin 2

OK—so much for microblogging daily…lol. My bad—by the time I would get in at night I’d be so tired that I’d put it off for the next day, and then you know how that goes. I’m actually now writing this from London on my way home to NYC. I had an 8-hour layover here (only four and a half more to go!) and bought a day pass for the American Airlines lounge. Wish I would have bought it when I first got to this airport though—the price went up $10 for the day pass AND I could have just eaten my lunch here. Plus it’s way more quiet in here and there’s some plush seating…lol.

So while I was in Stockholm, one of the things I got out of attending TBEX (it’s a travel blogger conference and this was my first one) was a travel photography seminar taught by award-winning photographer Ralph Velasco (he also does small group tours—check out his site here). I learned SO much from him in the hour he talked about using a shot list to improve your travel photography. I’m used to photographing beauty products which is sooooo different than shooting landscapes and such. While I’m not going to be hired to shoot international locales for National Geographic any time soon, I DID get inspired to just shoot more, look at things from different angles, and most importantly, be patient when it comes to shooting. Patience is probably one of the biggest components to taking a good photo.

Anyway, immediately after the class I started to get inspired to take pics a different way and did so while still in Stockholm. Being in Hamburg and Berlin though gave me a really cool and different perspective and all of a sudden I was finding themes to shoot. In Berlin it was instances of Black culture. Every time I saw anything like a concert poster, a picture of a Black artist, or anything related to Black culture, I snapped a pic. I thought it would make for a cool post, so here ya go! Enjoy :)

You can see what I did in Hamburg and Berlin (plus my Düsseldorf Carnival adventures from last year) here.

streets of berlin

soul explosion berlin

slam dunk championship berlin

rihanna kunst-werke institute berlin

marcia griffith

locs berlin

adesse berlin

chronixx berlin

jangada berlin

flip up berlin

jangada berlin 2

99 problems berlin

berlin street wall ads

Okay so the last one has nothing to do with my theme but I thought it was a really cool pic I took…lol.

I also filmed video of my travels around Europe which will hopefully be useful and can be edited into something cool. Stay tuned! Plus I have to tell you about Brussels, Liege, Namur, Paris, and what I did during an 8-hour layover at London Heathrow…lol.

P.S. I’m starting a blog dedicated to travel soon! Sign up here to be alerted when “Take the Girl Out of Queens” launches. I also started a personal blog (Danielle from Queens) a little while back where I plan to talk about a plethora of topics including TV show recaps, current events, life, politics, etc. Don’t worry, this blog will still be going on and strong. I just have more things I’d love to talk about and wanted them to have the appropriate homes. Stay tuned!

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