I Have No Idea What to Title This…lol

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All I know is it’s Monday and I had all these plans (in my head) to get this work week started off really awesome and it’s already almost 2 P.M. and I haven’t really done anything. I mean, I’m not beating myself up about it because days like this are VERY RARE, but sheesh. What’s my life about today? LOL. (Side note: because this IS the internet and it’s easy to misread my words or interpret them differently than I intended, I’m not being super serious in this post nor am I looking for advice on anything. I’m just “talking.”)

sweater dress fishnet tights asos ruffle coat 3

Anyway, usually on Mondays I like to post a makeup or skincare post but I should have thought about that like a day or two ago so I could have plotted it out, but here we are with a fashion post instead. And I wish I wore sunglasses more in this shoot because I look sleepy in a few (because I WAS sleepy…lol). But whatever, I’m posting them anyway ;)

I’m unusually overly excited about late fall/winter fashion this year. I mean, I’m usually pretty excited every year around this time because retailers are breaking out festive pieces like sequins, velvet, and jacquard. I like this time of year because it allows me to snag things like that and wear them even after the holidays are over. Also this year I’ve been on a VERY strict (aka non-existent) budget when it came to buying clothes but I gained weight and the cute stuff I already own are fitting kinda smedium-ly. I allowed myself to buy some fall stuff but then as it started to get deeper into fall and I realized that the weather was going to be warmer than usual again (or it would for a few days and then get super cold—look, who has time for this mess smh). I had to get creative. I get hot very quickly now so layering is key because I am NOT about to be out and overly bundled up. Shoot, I can sometimes drive with the air conditioning on very regularly and it’s Dec 4th in NYC. SIGH.

Anyway, where was I?

I actually don’t know…lol. And there may not be much of a point to this post either. Here’s some more pics and then I’ll link you to where I got them…lol. Oh, and also is it just me or are the clothes that retailers are selling exceptionally really good this year or am I having that thing where you don’t have the money to shop and EVERYTHING looks good? lol

sweater dress fishnet tights asos ruffle coat 5

sweater dress fishnet tights asos ruffle coat

sweater dress fishnet tights asos ruffle coat ysl logo bag 2

sweater dress fishnet tights asos ruffle coat 6

Photos: Dadouchic

Outfit Details:

Dress (I forgot to get pictures of it on its own, but you’ll be seeing this again…lol)
Shoes (Zara—old, so old in fact that I’m thinking of retiring them but will see if a cobbler can breathe some new life into them because I REALLY love them and wish I bought a backup pair—although I do have them in grey I wish I had another black pair. Might be time for me to invest in good quality boots that are similar in style)
Bag (I don’t see this particular version of this bag online, but YSL always has some iteration of the logo mini bag)
Hair (Big Chop Hair Blown Straight—same hair I was wearing before with the braid out. I have three bundles in and the longest layer is about 24″. Use code STYLE for 15% off)

The pins on my coat were a gift from my friend celebrity hairstylist Gabrielle Corney. I was sweating the pins she had on a FAB coat she wore when we did a video shoot together and the next time I saw her she had similar pins for me. I LOVE HER YO.

Do you feel like fashion options at the stores are overly amazing right now or is it just me? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Bri says:

    LMAO at this titile! It be like that sometimes

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