Big Chop Hair Blown Straight Review (4C Hair)

Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

big chop hair blown straight

I’ve worn Big Chop Hair’s Blown Straight texture through two installs and really got to learn the ins and outs of the hair (so to speak) so here I am with my review. I plan on doing a video version of this down the line, so make sure you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss it.

All of the bundles I used were given to me by Big Chop Hair.

So here are some quick things to know about Big Chop Hair Blown Straight:

* It’s a texture that mimics the way kinky hair textures look when blown out with a blow dryer
* It comes in wefts, clip-ins, a U-part wig, a closure, a lace wig (subject to availability)
* Comes in various lengths from 10″ to 28″ (wefts and clip-ins) 8″ to 30″ (U-part wig)
* Comes in a natural 1B color
* Can be manipulated and styled in numerous ways
* Can be colored


I. LOVE. THIS. TEXTURE. I have 4C hair and it really blended well with my leave-out with little manipulation. I have almost three bundles in (there was about 1/4 of the third bundle left that my stylist didn’t use). My longest layer was 26″ but no clue how long it is now because my hair was cut into a style. I also loved how low maintenance this hair was for me.



I would say that the maintenance depends on how you plan on wearing this hair. If you want the BeyoncĂ© at the second Obama Inauguration look, then it’s high maintenance. This hair can be curled with a curling iron, but it takes some muscle. The kind of muscle I don’t have the time nor patience for…lol. When I want that look, I make an appointment with my stylist Gabrielle Corney and then I maintain the look myself for as long as I can before my leave-out reverts or I wash my hair. But to go from washing my hair to that look on my own? Nah. I don’t have the skill set…lol. Plus this hair reacts very much like how my own 4C hair would react when it’s heat styled and comes in contact with the slightest amount of humidity or water—it looses the style and puffs up. Well actually, my own hair tends to swell up while this hair poofs down. When I went to Miami for my birthday last year, my leave out was telling on me HARD in all that humidity even with braid-outs (in hindsight, I probably needed to either add more moisture to my hair or use a anti-humidity serum—the humidity was getting into whatever “open” cuticles in my hair and causing my hair to swell up).

Now if you wear it in braid outs like I did pretty often, it’s pretty low maintenance. In fact when I do the braid-outs, my leave-out and the hair blend in seamlessly. My own hair is slightly darker than the weave hair though.


It’s important to understand that getting a weave (or wig or clip-ins) does not mean you automatically get a vacation from styling. This is even more true if you’re working with textured hair—you still have to put in the work. If you keep that mindset, you’ll be good. This Blown Straight texture requires some handiwork if you want it to last and really get your money’s worth. During my first install I had VERY little extra budget to get my hair done as often as I wanted to so I mostly did braid outs. Which was great because I could get a really cute style on my own with only the time it took to braid my hair up the night before. BUT I wasn’t properly detangling at the root so when it was time for my second install, Gabi told me to get a new bundle because so much hair had shed that she felt my hair wouldn’t look full—this was just ONE new bundle, the other two from the first install were fine. When I went in for my second install, I didn’t have the new bundle with me so Gabi spaced out the tracks. You couldn’t even tell that I didn’t have “enough” hair in—it still looked completely full, but when I got the new bundle and she added it in, my hair looked amazing!

Knowing what I knew, the second go-round I was much more careful about detangling the hair at the root as well. And when I took it down, the wefts were still full. I also did less braid outs this time around—since I work from home and don’t need to be “on” all the time, I would have my hair in braids pretty often and would only take them down when I had to be presentable. I feel that leaving my hair in the braids for so long and so often (especially since I was tying it up in a turban a lot) led to tangling.

This hair while it’s called blown straight is still TEXTURED. If you want silky and easy, you’ll want something wavy or bone straight. But if you want something that can better match your natural textured hair and have some style flexibility, this is your texture. I’m currently taking a bit of a weave break, but I will more than likely reinstall again with this texture at my next weave appointment in about a month or so.

My braid-out technique

I’ve talked about this on my IG stories so I’m sure a lot of you heard this already, but here it is again.

* The smaller the braids, the longer it’ll take to braid of course, but also the more texture you’ll get. I do about 6 braids.

* I use a spray bottle to mist my hair and then I’ll add a little product—usually Pantene Gold Series Curl Pudding but I also like The Mane Choice Pink Lemonade & Coconut Curl Boosting Sherbet. A mousse works as well, too. You more than likely can use whatever product you already use. I make sure the ends of the hair are completely saturated with water as this keeps the ends together and prevents them from unraveling. You don’t want the hair to unravel or the texture won’t be even.

Big Chop Hair Undo Braid Out from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

See the hair in action

I’ve been wearing this hair in a LOT of my Youtube videos and style posts. If you want to see more, check it out below.

Hairstyle compilation video:
There’s no sound here—you don’t need to hear what I’m saying anyway because I’m not even talking about the hair in like 99% of these. I didn’t specifically sit down to document the different ways I styled my hair, but I’m often on my Instagram stories and happened to get them that way. So they’re not specifically hair videos, but you can get an idea of the styles and texture of the hair as well as its versatility.

Big Chop Hair Blown Straight Style Compilation from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

nars spring 2018 on dark skin


target suit a new day resized DanielleBKLNBlend-3

missguided puff sleeve shirt j.crew skirt DAnielleWilliamsburg-4

asos skirt big chop hair blown straight DAnielleWilliamsburg-6

story of lola fur coat sweatsuit louis vuitton belt bag celine shadow smaller IMG_3403


Watch this video for FAQs about this hair and how I style it

Bottom line: I would spend my own money on this hair and that is quite the feat given that with my position in the beauty world, I don’t often have to pay money for products. I LOVE this texture and the maintenance is perfect for my lifestyle. If you want silky straight hair, this is not the texture for you, boo. Sure, this hair can be flat ironed and styled so that it’s silky straight, but it’s not going to be easy to maintain, especially if your leave-out is a similar kinky texture. If you want the silky straight look, I’d suggest getting that sleek texture with a closure or a lace wig. Or get a relaxer so you don’t have to manipulate your own hair if you choose to do leave-out.

That’s all I can think of for now, but make sure you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel to see more. I also have some great videos with tips from my hairstylist Gabrielle Corney that are quite helpful for weaves. Check it out here. And of course if you have questions, please leave them below (and please read the comments to make sure someone hasn’t already asked your question).

Would you try this Big Chop Hair texture? Which hair extension brands do you love? Tell me in the comments!



  1. Tammi J.
    February 22, 2018 / 8:56 am

    I really love reading your blogs. I find you to be very authentic and you write very well. You also have beautiful legs.

    • Danielle
      February 22, 2018 / 11:41 am

      Hi Tammi!

      OMG thank you! Such a sweet comment—appreciate you for reading and so happy you love reading my blog :)

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