Gleam by Melanie Mills Hollywood (Swatches on Dark Skin)

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If you follow me on Instagram, by now you might have seen the video of celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills herself applying her Gleam product on my legs backstage before I did my beauty segment on The Real last year. LIQUID PANTYHOSE is what Melanie calls it and that’s the PERFECT way to describe this decadent body makeup that comes in six beautiful shades. I have had Deep Gold since last year but recently was given samples of all the shades in the gift bag from The Makeup Show blogger preview last month. I figured it would be great to get swatches out there for those who want to check out Gleam as well.

So I find that any of the shades can work well on deeper skin as these give the skin a luminous look—but I also find that Deep Gold gives me some color as well as luminosity the most. It also helps to give my legs a more uniform look as you’ll see in the video below. My second favorite is Bronze Gold—it is more of a yellow gold while Deep Gold is a slightly reddish gold.

More info on choosing your shade:

How do I find the best shade of Gleam Body Radiance for my skin?

Choosing a shade of Gleam Body Radiance is best determined by the result you are looking for. Choose a shade close to your natural skin tone to enhance and perfect skin, blur skin imperfections, and achieve a subtle glow. For example, fair to medium skin may want to choose Rose Gold for a kiss of color, medium to deep skin tones could select either Bronze Gold or Deep Gold to even skin or add a touch of color. To deepen your color for a sun-basked look, choose a darker shade –and voila!–instant color. To illuminate or highlight,

choose a shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

Melanie Mills Gleam Deep Gold Demo Video:

This video DOES have sound so play with caution.

Melanie Mills Gleam Deep Gold Demo from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

Gleam has a nice scent (Vanilla Orchid) and is formulated to not stain the skin. I also bought the setting spray to help seal the product. The setting spray isn’t waterproof, but it did help keep the product in place longer. You do want to give Gleam at least a minute to dry before lightly applying the setting spray.

For more information and FAQs on the product, check out the Amazon listing here and the Melanie Mills site here.

You can get a smaller size for $18 or even buy a sampler pack if you’re not sure which shade you want to get. There’s currently a 15% off coupon on Amazon right now (just click on the coupon icon and it’ll apply at checkout—not sure how long it will last), but through June 7, 2019 the Melanie Mills site has a 30% off end of spring sale—enter code EOS at checkout to get 30% off and free shipping on orders over $50. I just picked up a bigger sized Deep Gold and Bronze Gold.

Price and where to buy:

Gleam on the Go Kit (Glow Girl: trio of the lighter shades) $41 at Amazon
Gleam on the Go Kit (Gleam Girl: trio of the darker shades) $41 at Amazon
Gleam on the Go Kit (all six shades in mini size) $69 at Amazon

Gleam 1oz mini (comes in all shades) $18 each at Amazon
Gleam 3.4 oz full size (comes in all shades) $45 each at Amazon

There are also Gleam Dust Powders (I haven’t tried these yet) available here on Amazon.

Make sure you check both Amazon and the Melanie Mills site to see where you might get better pricing before making your purchase. I initially went on Amazon to buy just the Deep Gold full size for 15% off with free one-day shipping, but wound up cancelling right after I saw the Melanie Mills site had 30% off and free shipping. I got two full sized products for only like $10 more than what I would have paid on Amazon for the one full sized product by getting it on the Melanie Mills site.

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