TSABD Edit: BECCA Sunlit Bronzers on Dark Skin

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becca sunlit bronzers on dark skin

Welcome to another edition of #TSABDEdit! I usually only post these once a week on Tuesdays, but I have a bit of a backlog of products and want to clear out my pipeline so I can work on some other projects. So here we go!

I recently received all five shades of NEW BECCA Sunlit Bronzers. These come in similar packaging to BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors (in particular the pressed ones) and are all really gorgeous. All five shades have some shimmer in them but it can look subtle on the skin depending on your application and thankfully isn’t a full-on glitter bomb.

becca sunlit bronzers

What’s cool about these BECCA Sunlit Bronzers is that you can wear almost any of the five shades depending on the look you’re going for. The lighter shades (Bali Sands, Capri Coast, Bronzed Bondi) worked out as pretty highlighter shades on my dark brown skin (see which foundation shades I wear here). Shades Ipanema Sun and Maui Nights worked more as bronzers for me with Maui Nights being the most “bronzer” shade for my deep skin. In case you were wondering, Maui Nights isn’t really much of a dupe for brown girl bronzer faves like CoverGirl Queen Collection Bronzer in Ebony Bronze or the discontinued Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder in #8. Maui Bronzer seems to be way more reddish-bronze/coppery than the other two.

Now if you’re thinking “bronzer? But we’re already BRONZE!” then think again, hunty. Read my Bronzers for Dark Skin post for more info on why you might want them in your makeup routine.

BECCA Sunlit Bronzers are very pigmented and long-lasting—much like their Shimmering Skin Perfectors. These are beautiful and would be a great addition to your stash if there’s a color that really suits you and you don’t already have something similar.

becca bronzers

How to Apply Bronzer:

While of course there are many techniques, one of my favorite ways to apply bronzers is by using a big fluffy brush and tracing an E shape from my temples down to the hollows of my cheeks and jawline. I made a quick video demo (no sound) to demonstrate. I only applied the bronzer to the left side—there is no bronzer on my right side—I turn to show you the difference between the two sides in each video.

How to Apply Bronzer from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

Bali Sands:

becca sunlit bronzer bali sands

Capri Coast:

becca sunlit bronzer capri coast

Bronzed Bondi:

becca sunlit bronzer bronzed bondi

Ipanema Sun:

becca sunlit bronzer ipanema sun

Maui Nights:

becca sunlit bronzer maui nights

becca sunlit bronzers swatches on dark skin

BECCA Sunlit Bronzers on Dark Skin (Demo Videos):

I made some demo videos so you can see what the bronzers look like on dark skin. I’m applying way more than I normally would so that it would show up in the video. No sound on these either so feel free to watch without fear…lol.

BECCA Sunlit Bronzer Demo on Dark Skin: Bali Sands from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

BECCA Sunlit Bronzer Demo on Dark Skin: Capri Coast from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

BECCA Sunlit Bronzer Demo on Dark Skin: Bronzed Bondi from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

BECCA Sunlit Bronzer Demo on Dark Skin: Ipanema Sun from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

BECCA Sunlit Bronzer Demo on Dark Skin: Maui Nights from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

becca sunlit bronzers 2

Price and where to buy: $38 at Sephora (plus 4% cash back when you use eBates) also at ULTA

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Would you try these? Tell me in the comments!

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