TSABD Edit: A.P.D.G. Longwear Liquid Pigments Dark (Very Deep) Swatches

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apdg dark sampler pack

Welcome back to another TSABD Edit! (ok so this one is more like a mini TSAD Edit)

This week we’re talking about A.P.D.G. and their Longwear Liquid Pigments (aka foundation) in the Dark sampler pack. Now, I do feel the need to qualify this by saying these are VERY deep, dark foundations because typically when most brands say “dark” they mean only about as dark as my complexion (and then the really silly ones say someone about Beyoncé’s complexion is “dark” lol) but man, oh man does this brand have some very deep shades. Like deeper than MAC NW58 or Cover FX P125 dark. Like wooooow bring all the beautiful people who would wear these foundation shades together in one place so I can fawn over them all day. And how come I didn’t get all that extra melanin, too?

apdg sampler packs med dark dark

I’ve already reviewed and swatched the Med Dark sampler kit which had my shade match, so make sure you check out that post so you get a good idea about the foundation formula, how it works, and some video demos to see how it looks on.

apdg pigment med dark dark sample packs

I do wish that at some point A.P.D.G. will include the undertone descriptions for the shades so it’s easier to figure out your shade match. I would definitely suggest getting a sampler pack first and then deciding from there. It’s an extra step plus you have to wait for shipping and also the sampler packs sell out so you also might have to wait for them to restock. Hopefully the brand will be in stores one day to make the shade selection process easier. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll be in stores because the shade range is amazing. They have about 24 shades for darker skin tones—some brands barely have 24 shades total!

Again, make sure you check out my previous post for the foundation review, swatches of the Medium Dark shades, and video demos.

Some of the shades applied a bit streaky but I’m guessing that wouldn’t happen with the full size product. I couldn’t really distinguish the difference between shades 32 and 33—shade 33 looks like it might be darker than 32 but if there are nuances in the undertones, I can’t see them. It might be more apparent when applied to someone with that rich skin tone. I also made sure to photograph the swatches once the foundation dried down because they look a bit darker once it dries down. I didn’t notice any oxidation when I tested the foundation in my shade–they just dry down a bit darker due to the finish.

apdg pigments dark foundations 26 27 28 29 swatches on dark skin

apdg dark foundations 30 31 32 33 swatches on dark skin

Swatches after the A.P.D.G. foundation dried down:

apdg swatches dried down 26 27 28 29 swatches on dark skin

apdg dark foundations 30 31 32 33 swatches on dark skin dried down

I have to say I’m very impressed with the A.P.D.G. shade range and hope to see more formulas and in-store locations for this brand. I’m so thrilled and excited to see all of these beautiful shades because it means that some makeup lovers who may have never found a shade match can find one. Just yesterday I was posting about how Sleek MakeUP might be a game-changer on the drugstore front now that it’s in Walgreens. They have ALL of the shades available on display including the deeper ones and many of the products have testers. Isn’t it crazy how something so simple as having shades and testers is groundbreaking? I hope the other big beauty brands who claim they don’t get enough shelf-space or whatever other reasons they give for not having a wider range of foundations available, will follow suit. It’s an exciting time in makeup and I really look forward for what’s to come especially since Fenty Beauty has a lot of the big brands shook.

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